06 October 2010

Marie Antoinette Fall/Winter 2010 Collection

Over the course of this Fall/Winter season, portraits of Marie Antoinette will inspire a majority of the flowers I create. After all, she was and is still recognized as a major fashion icon of her day. I have scoured the Internet as well as the database ARTstor (which I have access to through my university's library) for portraits of her to use as color inspiration.

Each of the gowns she wears in her portraits are so richly colored and to my surprise, many of them feature color palettes that are currently considered to be the hot colors for fall! I hope you all enjoy the great colors in this new collection as they are released throughout the next few months. Each flower that is part of this collection will have a "-Antoinette" at the end of the listing name in my Etsy shop. If you have a favorite portrait of Antoinette that you would like to suggest, please mention it in the comments!

Portrait of Marie Antoinette by Gautier D'Agoty, 1775. More pictures of the flower inspired by the portrait can be seen here.

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